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Julie Choo

Lead Author and Creator of

Founder and CEO, Stratability

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What you’ll discover on this Masterclass:

  • The 3 mistakes to avoid and overcome to deliver Effective Digital Transformation with real Return On Investment (ROI) for customers, users and all business stakeholders
  •  The 3 Guided Paths to solve any business problem, transformation challenge including the threat of digital disruption to the business model and the operating model
  • The 10-Step Data-Driven Process to design a Digital Service with a USP and competitive advantage in the Digital Economy with stickiness and network effects

Plus your exclusive direct access to Julie in the Live Q&A

  • Julie Choo is the Creator of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book, Framework and Method
  • She has designed new digital services as well as advised, architected and managed transformation projects and programs with budgets and/or assets from $6million to $60billion, ranging from early stage tech start-ups to large multinational corporations
  • Trained and taught 1000s of people worldwide in strategy & innovation, business architecture, data-driven design & blockchain, engineering and project management (professional and academy positions)
  • Developed and delivered extensive data, process, and cultural experiences through product and service innovation, growth and expansion, across multiple industries and in 6 continents globally

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